Jolt Dance

Teacher training

Jolt first established it's teacher training programmes in 2016. These programmes are open to anyone who is interested in establishing their own dance programmes or using dance to engage with people with disabilities.  We currently offer a weekend of training for beginners and a refresher day for people who have already completed the beginners course.

The programme covers:

  • Basic movement and dance skills
  • Structuring and planning a class
  • Creating an open space
  • Structures for improvisation
  • Copy/play techniques – mirroring/watching & waiting
  • Finding and extending moments
  • Use of props: material, sticks, balls
  • Working with significant & complex needs
  • Adapting activities
  • Reverence of touch/connection
  • Working with aids/carers
  • Practical workshops with inclusive groups



Inclusive Dance Teacher Training 2017





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