Jolt Dance


Jolt established “Move” in 2012 to provide a pathway for people with disabilities to develop their own creative voice as dance facilitators. Move was also a response to the demand from community groups for classes – especially for people with complex disabilities and significant needs.

Supported by the IHC Foundation and The Blogg Trust, the vision for Move is to:

  • provide training for people with disabilities to become teachers in integrated dance
  • provide dance sessions for people with disabilities that are unable to access Jolt evening and weekend dance classes
  • provide professional development for people running their own dance programmes
  • develop new ways of working that innovative, exploratory and challenge perceived boundaries around disability in the mainstream

Move runs one day a week. Trainees learn skills in teaching and dance and help to run two community classes which are attended by local schools and day service providers. The morning class is a dedicated class for people who have established their own dance programmes to gain professional development..

As part of our collaboration with the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra, we have visiting musicians from the CSO in classes.

If you would like more information on booking a community outreach class or a workshop run by our trainees please contact our administrator.


"A programme that engages, enthrals and enables everyone to participate no matter their level of disability."
– Marilyn Patston, Chris Ruth Centre
"Students' feelings of accomplishment, pride and personal success were evident"
- Suzanne McFerran, Waitaha School

Move Tutor Training Scheme

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