Jolt Dance

Biennial shows and special performances

Jolt produces a major production for all the dancers in our classes every two years. Over 100 dancers of all ages and abilities take part in what has become a huge celebration of inclusive dance and the creative potential of our community.

"Inspiring and innovative dance shows"
Hon Nanaia Mahuta, Minister of Youth affairs

"It is the relationships between the dancers that make this show stand out. It is evident that the strong and supportive community that Jolt operates within is integral to the group"s success I now fully understand what it means to have something take your breath away.  You would be able to hear a pin drop as the audience is in stunned silence - everybody should see this show" - Kate Sullivan theatreview

Gifted, 2017

The title for our show “Gifted” grew out of a desire to acknowledge both the gifts of our dancers and the generosity of our community.  For the first time we asked for people to give what they could, rather than setting a ticket price. We wanted to make the show as accessible as possible and acknowledge the diversity of our community financially.  Gifted was our largest to show to date: over 100 dancers performing to more than 1200 people. The show also included collaborations with local music and choir groups.


Illuminate, 2015

Illuminate was dedicated to the memory of Jolt dancer Ged Crawford. It began with the idea of light and all the works explored its different qualities, both physical: colour, shadow, movement and intellectual to reveal, enlighten, make resplendent. Featuring film by Eugene Lee, lighting by Sean James and with guest choreographers Aleasha Seaward, Fleur de Their and Maddie Krenek.

"Like a gentle breath of wind, a Jolt performance instantly dissolves walls of separation and barriers to joy. It gets right to the heart of something valuable and meaningfulJolt Dance gives the viewers a chance to let go of worries and woes to experience pure, unencumbered delight." - Sheree Bight, Theatreview

I will wait for you, 2013

Jolts annual show for 2013 was based on the concept of waiting. Jolt has been running for 12 years but we still often feel that it is our dancers who are waiting – waiting for us to see them, to understand what they are capable of and to find a way to let go and dance alongside. The highlight of the night was the Dads piece that featured jolt dancers from each of the classes with their fathers. The show took place at the Aurora centre and featured guest choreographers  Julia Milsom and Fleur deThier.
"if anyone is feeling pessismistic about humanity, I challenge them to see a Jolt performance and not feel reinspired" - Steve Carter -DANZ


Lean on me, 2012

Jolts annual show for 2012 was performed in the Geodome in Christchurch. The large tent was a perfect venue for the show : allowing the dancers to watch alongside the ever growing audience. The show took the theme of support and featured guest choreographers Fleur deThier, Erica Viedma and Riki Clarke 

Homeland, 2011

Homeland features all of the jolt dancers - from the very small to the very tall. It is a celebration of our link to the land, its physical beauty and our cultural heritage. Featuring work choreographed by Fleur de Thier and Erica Viedma, the show also includes a work specially commissioned by the Christchurch City Council as a tribute to Christchurch. 

Retrospective, 2009

Retrospective was a celebration of 7 years of Jolt Dance Company. Featuring excerpts and dancers from all of the Jolt shows it brought together a large group of diverse and talented dancers. The show reflected the unique quality of Jolts work: quirky, poignant and challenging. It was also a moving reflection of the journey to company has taken over the last 7 years.

Special Olympics, 2005

Jolt's performance at the Special Olympics was a celebration of both sport and inclusion. The piece was in two parts. The first celebrated the skill and creativity of our adult dancers. The second captured the essence of our philosophy, combining adults and children with and without a disability in an uplifting and moving performance. 



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